What is that Grilpnip doing in Arizona?

Spoof science news: Citizen scientists explore adaptability of Dale Creatures world-wide. Chief researcher, Grompus Grilpnip, of Winchett Dale fame, has led the Arizona citizen scientist team conducting the vital viability study of Hortus Complainus in the wilds of the west. See niffsoup.wordpress.com.niffsoup.wordpress.com



1. As the highly anticipated publishing date for the last of the Matlock the Hare trilogy, The Trial of the Majickal Elders approaches, Oct 3, 2016,  a state of panic among Grilpnips of the Dale has ensued. They are prized for the delicious tastiness of their most valuable root vegetable feature: the nose. How can this vital nasal feature be preserved going forward?  When the world knows of the tastiness, how will Grilnips survive? image

2. Previous work has failed to address this critical issue, according to Grompus Grilpnip, thus he has travelled to the research fields of wildest Arizona to secretly find a solution.


3. Grompus theorized that the arid climate of Arizona, combined with the features of the prevailing vegetation, would be key to finding a solution.

imageimageimageimageimageimage4. After exhaustive field research, Grompus and his team of local vegetable citizen scientists retreated to the lab to compile their findings.

imageimage5. After experiments were completed, Grompus was satisfied! Existing in the arid, sometimes hostile environment of desert country has toughened the nose! In addition, the spicy flavor of the nasal appendage has mellowed to a milder, in fact, rather “yechus” one, especially in comparison to local vegetables that grow in Arizona.

6. As a result of the research, Grilpnips world-wide will be able to apply this technique to preserve their noses, reputation and sanity.

Find out the REAL story: http://www.matlockthehare.comwww.matlockthehare.com

Gray Fox

The Gray fox family that has chosen our property as a home is back this year. This is the most common type of fox in Arizona, living in the deserts and mountains. Flag Hike- Fox dainty 4x3-1These foxes are the only member of the dog family that can climb trees, where they will eat birds and eggs, or acorns or fruit.

Flag Hike- Fox sky watching vertical 4x3-1They stay on the alert from all directions, and have created a den in a rocky hillside. The den has numerous exits, and might extend for dozens of feet underground. They come out during the day to bask in the sun and to hunt. They weigh about 10 pounds.

Flag Hike- Fox side 4x3-1Flag Hike- Fox cat-like 4x3-1Flag Hike- Fox face-1They seem to trust that we are not a great danger to them.