Welcome to My Arizona

I was born and raised in Arizona and have lived here almost all my life.  My only goal in keeping this blog is to share with you some amazing things about this state from my perspective. I have many areas of interest and will cover everything from Aurichalcite to Ziziphus obtusifolia. Lots of photographs will be included as I am an unapologetic snapper of pictures and feel that truly a picture is worth a thousand words or so. Arizona is a place of interest for scientists and tourists and residents.  The geology lies exposed for all to see and study the forces that have created the mountains and canyons.  Because of the great range of elevations, a great variety of plants and animals are found here.  Studies in the 1890s led to the establishment of 6 different life zones. These zones describe the differences between the desert land that Arizona is famous for, and also the high plateaus and pine-covered mountain peaks that may surprise visitors. Human history has left a deep footprint in the state and the stories told give us a dusty window into the wild west.

I invite you to come along if you think it all might sound interesting. Follow me on Twitter as Fan of Arizona, @fanofnmtn.

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