A Hike Along Rocky Ridge Trail

Rocky Ridge trail signsAn easy and enjoyable hike near Flagstaff, Arizona, Rocky Ridge trail  is actually a section of the Arizona Trail.  It is 2.8 miles in length and climbs from 7,191 feet to 7,587 in elevation.  The trail begins at Schultz Creek parking just off Schultz Pass road and passes through warm south-facing juniper and pine forest with an interesting mix of cacti.  Along the upper reaches of the trail you find Gambel Oak and more Ponderosa pine.  Besides hikers, this trail is a frequent single track route, connecting to Oldham trail, Brookbank trail,  Mount Elden Lookout road, and can be used to access Flagstaff through Buffalo Park.

Rocky Ridge trailFor a quick hike today, I entered the trail at the 2.3 mile marker, partway up Mount Elden Lookout road, and headed south toward the Schultz Pass trailhead.  The trail lives up to its name, and although having some very smooth stretches, passes through many rocky areas as it follows the base of the Dry Tanks Hills near Mount Elden.

2 comments on “A Hike Along Rocky Ridge Trail

  1. ramblingratz says:

    Wonderful views and great tree shapes 🙂

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