Nuthatch Adventures.

While watching the birds in the woods and yard, I have been learning a lot about their behaviors. Some birds and squirrels feed communally at our feeder while others insist on dining alone. While the Abert Squirrel this morning chased off woodpeckers, jays and other squirrels, he didn’t seem to be bothered by the tiny Nuthatch.
As I watched, the Nuthatch approached, quietly stood shopping for the best nut, picked it up and went off to to find a spot to eat it. Nuthatches are so named for their habit of wedging a large nut into tree bark and then pecking at it to get the shell open, thus “hatching” the nut.


A Nuthatch cautiously makes it’s way down the tree to the feeder.


The squirrel is listening, but he lets the Nuthatch approach.


Shopping for the perfect nut.

Making his get-a-way

Making his get-a-way!

Looking for the best place to wedge the nut in order to peck it open.

Looking for the best place to wedge the nut in order to peck it open.

2 comments on “Nuthatch Adventures.

  1. ramblingratz says:

    It is interesting to observe the complex social interactions of wildlife.

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