Elderberry wine? Elderberry pie? Elderberry jelly?

Blue Elderberry, Sambucus cerulea

The blue elderberries of northern Arizona are ripening! There are various names for this plant, including elder, Arizona elderberry, American elder, sweet elder, blueberry elder and more. It also has various taxonomic names and changes have recently occurred.  Southwest Biodiversity (swbiodiversity.org) lists it as Sambucus cerulea. All parts of the Elderberry plant are valuable as healing plants in many folk remedies. Flowers are even used medicinally and can be prepared as a tea.

Blue Elderberries are edible

Only blue or purple elderberries are edible. Red elderberry fruits of other species are toxic.

5 comments on “Elderberry wine? Elderberry pie? Elderberry jelly?

  1. Danna says:

    Enjoy this site. Would love tove to have find out about elderberries in Northern Arizona. Found a small bush today with some fruit on but still had some green so didn’t pick for some jam (not enough for a pie).

    • Maril says:

      That’s about the amounts I have been finding on Mt. Elden. But it’s exciting to have them here at all!

      • Danna says:

        Thanks Maril. Haven’t been on Mt. Elden. Did find more today that were ripe so picked them.. Talked to the hubbie about maybe planting some and see what happens. The net says that Arizona songbirds enjoy them too. Keep up the wonderful work at pictures and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

      • Maril says:

        Thanks. Let me know if your seeds come up! A great idea.

  2. Thanks for our support of sciencesprings.

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